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Southern Security of Arkansas provides the only security system with patented Crash & Smash technology, which keeps your home protected even if the security panel is destroyed. The patented and award-winning Image Sensor is an advanced motion sensor with a built in camera that can capture images in the dark and allows you to visually check in on your property whenever motion is detected. And, to keep you aware of events outside of your home that may impact your safety, Alarm.com Severe Weather Alerts notify you of tornado, flood or earthquake events in your area based on real-time weather data. Solutions for your lifestyle. Unlike traditional security systems, Southern Security of Arkansas will install a security system with a completely integrated suite of services offering a flexible, easy-to-use solution that learns and adapts to fit your needs. By setting your own customized triggers, you can be alerted to virtually any activity or event that is important to you – even when your system is disarmed. For example, you can: Watch your kids arrive home from school safely. Receive an image alert or text when they open the front  door after school hours.  Be sure that your home is always protected. Receive an alert if the family has left for the day but forgot to lock the door or arm the system; then lock up and arm it from your phone. Arrive home to a comfortable environment after a long day at work. Set your lights and thermostats to automatically adjust when you get home and disarm your system. Reduce energy waste and unnecessary expense. Set Smart Schedules to easily manage your lights and  thermostat settings based on your home’s activity patterns.